4 tips for camping with dogs

Camping with your furry family members is a lot of fun but being prepared will make the experience even more enjoyable and allow you to focus on making memories. At pet-friendly Jellystone Park™ Branson, we want you and your pup to make the most of your camping trip, so we have come up with some tried and true tips for successfully camping with dogs!

camping with dogs

tips for camping with dogs

pack the essentials

These include their regular food, along with water. Don’t deviate from your pup’s typical diet. Introducing a new food brand can cause your dog to have an upset stomach and diarrhea. Also, bring along their favorite treats, just like you bring fun treats (s’mores, anyone?) to enjoy!

In addition, keeping your dog hydrated is important. Bring a collapsible bowl and bottled water for outdoor excursions, and always keep a bowl of clean water easily accessible at your cabin or campsite.

keep your pooch on a leash

Be courteous to other campers when camping with dogs. Keep your buddy close and on a leash for their safety and the safety of others. Wildlife critters may be scurrying around campsites, too, so keeping Fido on a leash will prevent him from darting off.

The exception to the leash rule is when your pup is romping around with other canine friends in our spacious fenced-in dog park or relaxing in your RV or pet-friendly cabin.

Bring layers for extra warmth

With winter just around the corner, it’s important to pack layers for the family and the pup too! Unless your dog is bred to live in frigid temperatures, your four-legged friend will need help staying warm, particularly at night when the temperatures fall to near freezing here in Branson! (Brrr!!) You can:

● Layer up your pup with a jacket or sweater.
● Bring a microfiber towel to quickly dry off your pup after a hike on our trails or playing at the dog park.

● Add a fleece blanket to your dog’s already cushiony bed for extra insulation.


Include your pup in the fun!

After all, that’s why you brought your furry companion in the first place! Whether at your campsite, roaming around the grounds, or exploring pet-friendly sites in Branson, there are many ways you can include your dog in the adventures!

Pack some of Fido’s favorite fetch and chew toys as well. Chew toys, in particular, arean excellent way for dogs to settle down and relax for a while. Remember, a canine without a thing to do is a recipe for rambunctious behavior.

Enjoy A Camping Getaway With Family & Fido

Camping with dogs is a wonderful way to bond with your best buddy. And there is no better place to enjoy nature with the creature comforts of home nearby than Jellystone Park™ Branson, especially this chilly season! With some preparation, you and your dog will be ready enjoy your camping adventures!


Make Paw-sitively Fantastic Camping Memories With Your Furry Companion!

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