5 Sweet Things To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween festivities are finally here at Jellystone Park™ Branson! Every weekend in October, campers can enjoy loads of fun with arts and crafts, games, pumpkin carving, costume contests, magic pumpkin hay rides, and more during our Halloween Spooktacular Weekends! Of course, there will be trick-or-treating! And with all the families that come to experience the haunting good times, they’ll be plenty of leftover Halloween candy after everyone’s had their fair share of sweets!

So whether you went overboard loading up on candy for trick-or-treaters or your kiddos came back with bucketloads of treats, and you can’t fathom eating it all (or letting your kids eat it all), here are some other things you can do with the leftovers!

Leftover Halloween Candy

What To Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy

Donate Your Leftover Candy

Programs like Operation Gratitude collect candy as part of its annual Halloween Candy Give-Back campaign to send to deployed troops and first responders. You can also contact nearby nursing homes, homeless shelters, food pantries, and addiction treatment centers to see if they’ll accept such donations.

Make a DIY ice cream sundae bar

For your next big family BBQ or children’s sleepover, create an ice cream sundae bar! Gather ingredients like chopped leftover Halloween candy, sliced fruit, chopped nuts, whipped cream, and more in small bowls, and let your guest have fun building their own delectable desserts!

Add candy to your trail mix

Before hitting the hiking trails, pack plenty of water and a bag of your pre-made Halloween trail mix. Combine candy pieces with dried fruit, mixed nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, and pretzel sticks.

Freeze the candy for later

Save your extra Halloween candy for later. Candy freezes quite nicely and can be used later on for cookies, cakes, milkshakes, stirring into hot cocoa or coffee (Mocha, anyone?)–the options are endless!

Use candy pieces to decorate your gingerbread house

Christmas isn’t too far behind Halloween! Why not use the leftovers for some holiday baking and gingerbread house decorating?

Pumpkin Carvings, Chili Cookoffs, And Crafts – Oh My!

If you haven’t booked your Halloween Spooktacular Weekend stay, don’t delay! Spaces fill up fast! Along with the holiday hoopla, we’ll be hosting a Chili Cookoff during the 3rd weekend of our eerie-sistible celebrations!

Halloween Spooktacular Weekends happen:

Weekend 1: September 30th – October 2nd
Weekend 2: October 7th – 9th
Weekend 3: October 14th – 16th (Weekend 3 includes a Chili Cookoff!!)
Weekend 4: October 21st – 23rd
Weekend 5: October 28th – 30th

Enjoy Gobbling Down the Candy and Camping Fun!

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