jon tyson unsplash at RV Park Branson MO

Is your BBQ good enough to win the prize?

Come to Jellystone Park on the weekend of September 17th and find out.

Anything made low and slow on any type of smoker is eligible.

Standard fare perfected?  Something new and unusual?  Your personal spin on an old favorite?

It’s all fair game and will be judged by a panel of “experts”.

The entries with the highest scores win!



  • We will be doing two separate contests this year!


  • The first contest is spare ribs.


  • At check-in, every contestant will receive and be charged for a rack of pork spare ribs purchased from the same location to try to ensure uniformity.  We went with spare ribs to try to keep the cost down.  We felt like the baby back ribs were just priced too high at this moment in time.  We will price the ribs at exactly what we paid for them.  We will buy numerous racks, so the store will be giving us a little bit of a price break.  Hopefully we can get them priced lower than you would have been able to purchase them yourselves.


  • The ribs will be turned in at a specified time on Saturday evening and judged anonymously by a panel of judges.  We will provide a box for you to turn in your entry.


  • We will be judging based on taste, consistency, etc.  Judging is a tough job, because we already know that the entries will all be great!  Only three can win, though.  Hurt feelings are not allowed!


  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy awarded at Candy Bar Bingo that evening.
  • We are also adding a “freestyle” category this year.  In this contest, you can make anything you please.


  • Judging will be done by fellow campers and contestants.


  • Sampling will take place at your campsite at a specified time.


  • Scorecards will cost $5 in an effort to ensure that we get people who are serious about judging to do the judging.  However, if you are a contestant yourself, you will be given one scorecard at no cost.  Money raised from the scorecards will be used to purchase the trophies.


  • Those of you considering judging, I can assure you from past years that $5 is a very small fee to pay to take part in this!   The BBQ that comes off the smokers this weekend is simply outstanding and plentiful!