Make Your Life Much Easier With These Family Camping Tips

The official day of summer is nearly here! Have you booked your family camping trip yet? Camping with the family is one of the best ways to spend quality time together and bond over fun activities, but it also requires planning and preparation beforehand. There’s no reason to have a stressful camping trip, though. With some help from these family camping tips, you can have a summer family getaway you’ve always wanted.

Family Camping Tips

Family Camping Tips
Tip #1: Choose a Family-friendly Destination

Keeping kids occupied for days on end during a vacation can be quite the undertaking unless there are activities readily available for them to enjoy. When selecting a camp-resort, make sure you choose one with a variety of attractions and amenities specifically designed for families.

At Jellystone Park™ Branson, there is always something to do! We offer a wide variety of amenities and activities, especially during the summer. Check out our event calendar as well to see what is happening during your stay. Then, sit down with the family and plan out what activities everyone wants to participate in so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! But be sure to plan time to simply relax in nature.

Tip #2: Opt for a Cabin Instead

Don’t hassle with pitching a tent or setting up an RV this next camping trip. Instead, make settling into your site a one-and-done process by elevating your stay to a cabin! With kitchen equipment, bedding, and linens provided in most cabins, all you really need to do is unpack a few camping provisions from the car before heading off to all the fun!

Aside from campsites for tents and RVs, Jellystone Park™ Branson offers a wide variety of cabin types to fit your needs and preferences, from our four-sleeper Boo Boo™ Cabin to our spacious 14-person Ranger Smith™ House and everything in between. Plus, if you don’t have an RV but would like to experience what it’s like to camp in one, families can opt for our Pioneer Rental RV.

Tip #3: Do All of Your Food Prep at Home

While cooking a terrific meal around the campfire is part of the lure of family camping, it can be time-consuming and hungry tummies are no fun. To minimize cooking time:

  • Do as much prep work as possible when you’re at home in your fully stocked kitchen.
  • Marinate meat, prep sides, and organize snacks.
  • Store in ziplock bags or your preferred container and refrigerate/freeze if needed.
    The less time, you spend preparing a meal, the faster you can enjoy it and avoid the “hangries.”
Tip #4: Pack Clothes Efficiently

Speaking of family camping tips for packing smartly, when gathering the kids’ clothes for a multi-day trip, take this neat approach. For each child, put together an outfit for each day, roll it up with the smallest pieces on the inside, and then secure it with a rubber band. Then, instead of digging through a bag every day of your trip, parents or kids can simply grab a roll and get ready for the day.

You Bring The Family. Let Us Take Care of The Fun.

Camping with the family is a fantastic way to spend a vacation. With these family camping tips in mind, we know you will have a fun-filled, stress-free time at Jellystone Park™ Branson.

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