Yogi Bear’s Jellystone ParkTM in Branson MO – Specials

The Great Outdoors Weekend

May 18 – May 21, 2018

From the beach to the woods, from insects to flowers, we will be having fun with the Great Outdoors! We will have a special trunk full of animal pelts…

Memorial Day Week and Grand Opening

May 25 – May 31, 2018

It’s time to honor our soldiers this Memorial Day and celebrate Jellystone Branson’s Grand Opening!!! Lots of Americana crafts in store this week- mil…

Kids vs. Parents

June 1 – June 3, 2018

Who will win? We are going to find out this week! We will play lots of games as a group, but the kids will take on the parents in tug of war, wet sh…

Yogi’s Birthday!

June 4 – June 10, 2018

Let’s celebrate Yogi all week. We will have a trunk full of bear pelts and such for the kids to touch. We will make a bear puppet, a hibernation cra…

Father’s Day Celebration

June 11 – June 17, 2018

Dad’s come and have fun with your children! We will have activities to do WITH your kids and AGAINST your kids. Water balloon dodge ball, balloon st…

Water Works Weekend #1

June 18 – June 24, 2018

Water works # 2 July 16-July 22 Continuing our water fest this summer, we will get soaked in many different ways this week. Water limbo, water balloo…

Great American Pic-a-Nic

June 25th – July 1st

Summer is here at Jellystone Branson- so we are working up to Independence week with our Great American Pic-a-nic. Ranger Smith will visit with us over the weekend to join in the fun! For the crafty folks, we will make a strawberry necklace, fairy lanterns, tissue paper kites, egg fireflies, popsicle stick stars, iris folded book covers, popsicle stick picnic table, and canvas tape painting. For the sporty folks, we will have a glow stick competition, gaga ball, water baseball, giant yard games, watermelon bowling, and water balloon dodge ball. Freshen up the noggins for some Trivia night and show us your stuff in a pie contest and pie eating contest. Summer, here we come!

Independence Week

July 2nd – July 8th

It’s time to show some USA spirit! Our Carnival, complete with carnival games, jumpy castle, rip curl slide, face painting, cake walk, patriotic scavenger hunt will be the hit of the weekend! All week long, we will make some tie-dye shirts, make a penny craft, fairy lanterns, Uncle Sam craft, clothes pin rocking chair, wood burning, and button craft. Along the active side, we will have a pot luck supper, marble racing, gaga ball, candy bar bingo, root beer chugging and watermelon eating contest. Don’t forget to bring your favorite red, white and blue décor for the cabin/RV decorating contest as well as our foot/ bicycle parade. Oh, and there’s a rumor of some cotton candy on July 4th. Ooooh, cotton candy.

Chocolate Lover’s Weekend

July 13th – July 15th

Lots of crafts and activities all week long will lead up to a sweet weekend.  Be prepared to chug some chocolate milk, play candy bar bingo, walk the cake walk, and get saturated on the chocolate slip n slide!  Try your hand at a candy bar tasting competition and enter your favorite chocolate dessert into a tasting contest. Last, but not least, we will search for the “golden ticket” during our scavenger hunt.  

Sunday morning will put the cherry on top of all of that chocolate with chocolate chip pancakes in our café!

Water Works Weekend #2

July 20th – July 23rd

Water works #2 Just like in our Water Works Weekend #1, we will get soaked in many different ways this week. Water limbo, water balloon dodge ball, fishing for marbles, water baseball, water balloon launching and bubble machine! We will stay along the beachy theme with our crafts and activities all week long!

Christmas in July

July 20th – July 23rd

Ho, ho, ho! It’s red and green time at Jellystone Branson. Let’s play outside in the heat and then go inside and pretend that it’s snowing. We will make lots of Christmas themed crafts, such as, cinnamon stick trees, giant popsicle stick snowflakes, Christmas art, giant lollipops, ornaments, sock snowmen, and string art. The weekend will hold a $5 gift exchange and visit from Santa Yogi, Holiday Family Feud, woodburning, and a site decorating competition- so bring your Christmas box full of your favorite décor. Brush up on your carols because we will sing them on our “Hey Ride.”

Arts & Music Weekend

August 3rd – August 5th

Bring your artsy side with you this week and enjoy the different activities Jellystone Branson has for you and your family! From, art, to music, to the theater, we will have a grand week experiencing different mediums to express yourselves. Art- Yogi silhouette, paper hot air balloons, confetti bowl, stick crowns, canvas painting, Monet painting, cracked marble necklaces, iris folded book covers, and wood burning. Music- Musical performances by various artists, as well as karaoke/Name that Tune on Saturday night. Theater- The children will practice and then perform a short play Everything else- Fish bowl charades, gaga ball, bubble machine, doilies flowers, and scavenger hunt.

Silly Sports Weekend

August 10th – August 12th

Time to be silly!  We will do some crazy activities this weekend.  Hula hoop games, izzy dizzy baseball, human tic tac toe, human battleship, shaving cream and Cheeto throwing, pudding Pictionary and human ring toss.  Not to mention our regular fun stuff like the bubble machine, woodburning necklaces, Hey rides, and scavenger hunts. Come be silly with us!

Space Weekend

August 17th – August 19th

Shoot to outer space this weekend.  We will make some rockets, check out the constellations, make moon rocks and space slime.  Also, bring a black tee shirt to make a galaxy shirt. Glow in the dark frisbee will be a blast!

Double Dare Weekend

August 24th – August 26th

How brave are you?  How good is your belly flop?  Will you drink pickle juice? We will see the results of these questions this weekend.  As well as, a root beer chugging contest, izzy dizzy football and many other crazy, scary, slimy, mushy activities!

Time in the Islands Weekend

August 31st – September 3rd

It’s luau time!  Come dressed in your finest Hawaiian apparel to win a prize!  Take part in a hula hoop contest, pineapple eating contest, and decorate your campsite as Hawaiian as you can.  We will have a cookout feast on Saturday evening. Come join the fun in the islands!

Camper Appreciation and Grandparents Weekend

September 7th-9th

We will have an ice cream social to show how much we appreciate our guests-please bring a topping to share.  Jellystone Branson will provide the ice cream.  We will also provide root beer if anybody wants root beer floats.

Come burn a necklace for a great Jellystone momento, or for a gift for your grandparents. We’ll also make a one-of-a kind canvas painting and play some candy bar bingo.

Grandparents will receive a free bundle of firewood along with 1/2 price Smorpak’s.

Pet Lover’s and Teacher/Homeschooler Appreciation Weekend

September 14th-16th

Dress up your pets for a contest this weekend! Bring your dog to our very own dog park.

School is now in full swing. As a way to show our appreciation to the teachers and homeschoolers among us, we will offer one bundle of free firewood and 1/2 price Smorpaks to all the teachers and Homeschool families who stay with us this weekend.

Celtic Weekend and Smoker/BBQ competition

September 21st-23rd

Get in touch with your Celtic ancestry this weekend! We’ll burn Celtic symbols onto wood necklaces, play ga-ga ball, and compete in candy bar bingo.

We will also have a smoker/bbq competition this weekend. Make your best BBQ and then let the rest of the campers judge it and see who’s they like best. The winner will take home a trophy.

Science Extravaganza Weekend

September 28th-30th

We will bring the scientist out in you this weekend. We will make a rainbow with some candy, have some fun with soda and mentos, make a lava lamp. Don’t forget about woodburning necklaces, and many other fun activities.

Decades of Music Weekend and Fall Kick-Off

October 5th-7th

Let’s see how much hairspray and gel you need to use to win our past decades hairdo competition! How are you at “Name that tune?” We’ll test you out. Come see how groovy it is!

We will have our first Magic Pumpkin Patch event of the year this weekend.  This is where the kids buy a pumpkin seed, complete with mulch and magic fairy dust.  They take a hayrack ride out to the Magic Pumpkin Patch where they will their pumpkin seeds.  Later in the day, they get to go back and harvest their full-grown pumpkins!  Then, they get to take their pumpkin over to the pavilion and decorate it.  A lot of fun for everyone.

Jellystone Branson needs your help this weekend, too.  We will have lots of decorations ready to go and would love for you to help us decorate the park.

We’ll have a “Fall Kick-Off” party complete with games and a campground community bonfire.  Bring on the cool weather!

Sports Tailgate Party, Grill-off and Magic Pumpkin Patch

October 12th-14th

It’s game time! Decorate your site with your favorite team colors. We will play some sport games, candy bar bingo and do some woodburning necklaces. Let’s root for a great Jellystone weekend. Goooo Jellystone!

We will also have our Magic Pumpkin Patch at your service this weekend. You can purchase a pumpkin “seed” in the Ranger Station. We will travel to the Magic Pumpkin Patch, plant the seed and then go about our day. Later, we will go back to the Magic Pumpkin Patch and there will be pumpkins where the seeds were planted! Then we get to decorate the pumpkins. Fun Stuff.

We will having a local artist come out on Saturday for a group art session.  They were here on Mother’s Day and they are excellent at what they do.  Their activities cost, but they are quality items and are worth it.

Make sure and bring some candy for the trick-or-treaters this weekend!

Don’t forget our “grill” competition. Make your favorite tailgate party type food and let the other campers judge it. The winner gets to take home a trophy declaring them the champ!

Frontier Weekend, Chili Cook-off & Magic Pumpkin Patch

October 19th-21st

Remember the good ole days? Well, this might be it for you! We are going to do an embroidery craft, make some old-fashioned toys, and make a pretzel log cabin. Throw in some old-fashioned games and woodburning necklaces, and it’s going to be a rootin, tootin, good ole time!

We will also have our Magic Pumpkin Patch at your service this weekend. You can purchase a pumpkin “seed” in the Ranger Station. We will travel to the Magic Pumpkin Patch, plant the seed and then go about our day. Later, we will go back to the Magic Pumpkin Patch and there will be pumpkins where the seeds were planted! Then we get to decorate the pumpkins. Fun Stuff.

Don’t forget to bring a bag of candy for all of the trick-or-treaters this weekend.  Campers can go site-to-site and trick-or-treat

We are adding a Site-Decorating Contest to this weekend as well.  The winners will take home a trophy.

We are also having our Chili Cook-off this weekend. Do you have the best chili around? Now is your chance to compete with everyone else. Your fellow campers will be the judges. The winners get a trophy!

Site decorating, Trick-or-Treat and Magic Pumpkin Patch

October 26th-28th

Special Offers

Stay 4 consecutive nights and the 5th night is free.

Stay 6 – 14 consecutive nights and receive 20% off your stay.

Partys consisting of two seniors receive 10% off your stay.

Military and public service personnel receive 10% off your stay. (ID required)

Only one discount applied per visit.